Pure Spectrum CBD Review 2019 – Remedy Review

Pure Spectrum Review

Have you been searching for good quality CBD oil? Then probably this review is going to help you out. Today we have for you Pure Spectrum brand that is well known for their line of CBD products. We have done some good research on the company so that you are well informed while buying a product from them. So let’s begin!

Pure Spectrum brand overview:

The company is located in Evergreen, Colorado. They provide high-quality CBD products as per their policy of “Seed to Sale”. The business is a family operated one and work towards assisting their clients with their requirements. They provide hemp oil that is one hundred percent organic and Non- GMO. They also donate one percent of their share towards charities that are working towards the promotion of CBD medicines.
Another good thing about the company is that they offer great customer support. You can be assured of fast replies to all of your inquiries as well. They are amazing at packing and shipping the orders in about 12 hours. This means that you can expect your order in less than 5 days.


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The highlights of Pure Spectrum:

● The company provides products at affordable prices.
● The quality of products is excellent.
● They have been certified for producing organic and Non-GMO hemp.
● You can easily take a look at the test results online.

● The product options are limited in numbers.
● The information on the website can be more precise and informative.

Some quick facts about Pure Spectrum:

Company official name: Pure Spectrum CBD

Established in: The year 2015.

Hemp source:Colorado in the USA

The price range of products:From $ 40 t $ 120.

Availability of the products: The products are available for the US, Some of the EU countries and Australia.

Offers on purchases: You can buy standards, 2,3,5 and 10 packs on some of the products as per your needs.

Test results: On the official website, you can take a look at the third party results from reliable labs.

Shipping policies:They provide standard shipping and you can get free shipping for the order above $100.

Details on return policy:You have the choice for a 30-day refund in case you are unsatisfied.

Where to buy:You can buy all of the products online from Pure Spectrum website.

Pure Spectrum famous products:

One of the slightly disappointing things about Pure Spectrum is that the company provides a range of products that is a bit narrow. Right now they have their focus on salve, vaping products, isolates, and tinctures. However, they have mentioned that they are looking forward to introducing new products to the line very soon. Let’s take a look at some of the important once right here:

500 mg Pure Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture:

This hemp tincture has been made from a full spectrum, organic and CBD oil from the whole plant. It has coconut oil that has been fractionated organically as well. The absorption in this manner is easy. The taste is smooth and provides multiple benefits. This specific product needs to be sublingually used. You have to keep it under the tongue for a facilitated absorption. They don’t recommend any dosage. So you must search for the specific concentration that will be working for you.

Pen Battery:

This is a vaping pen offered by the company. It is priced reasonably and is available in 2 shades, silver, and black. This pen provides universal usage and works in compatibility with all of the cartridges of Pure Spectrum. The weight of the pen is light and has settings and has a battery life that lasts long.

  1. 99% CBD Isolate:
    his is one of the purest forms of CBD that you can find. The CBD Isolate 99% has been made by making use of accurate lab process. This is done for the extraction of CBD that is pure from the entire mix. The final result is anhydrous Cannabidiol. The availability of the product is 1, 10 and 50 grams. Just make sure that if you are going with this one,consumption needs to be careful.
  2. 250 mg Tangerine Haze Pure Clear Cartridge:
    This is one of the best flavored hence has a great taste. It’s a vaping cartridge for a pure pen.
    This is made of tempered glass that is filled up with 450 mg mixture of whole plant extract. There is additionally honey oil, organic MCT oil, tangerine Haze flavor and organic MCT oil in it. For offering the maximum benefits in every vape it has CBD content in it of 250 mg.
  3. 250 mg Sour Diesel Pure Clear Cartridge:
    This is again a vaping cartridge by the company that has been made of tempered glass. This product has been filled with honey oil extracts, terpene extract, sour Diesel flavors, and organic terpene extract. It has a good terpene profile with some other cannabinoids are non psychoactive. The cartridges consist of 250 mg of CBD in it. Again a good product that has been designed in a manner that makes sure that you can obtain the maximum benefits for each vape hit.
  4. 250 mg Bubble Gum Pure Clear Cartridge:
    The pure pen cartridge for vaping is the best choice in case you are looking for something that has a good flavor. It has a bubble gum flavor that again consists of the ingredients mentioned in other Pure clear cartridge products. The amount of CBD in it is also 250 mg and you can surely get some amazing benefits from it.

  1. Topical Pure Spectrum Lotion:
    It is a blend of full-spectrum phytocannabinoid. This has selected blend by Pure Spectrum, extracts of aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, and some other interesting ingredients.
    The product helps with giving relief from pain. You can also use it as a relaxing night cream. This will be especially beneficial for people that are suffering from arthritis pain.
  2. 250 mg Relaxing CBD Salve:
    This specific salve will be able to provide you with some of the good relaxing properties. It has been intended for usage in areas that are sore. The product gets easily absorbed and gives a relaxing effect. One can trust the product for being made with the best quality ingredients and hemp extracts that are certified for being organic.

    Some of the specified ingredients include:
    ● Arnica
    ● Sweet almond oil
    ● Full-spectrum cannabinoid hemp oil
    ● Shea butter
    ● Coconut oil
    ● Jojoba oil
    ● Hemp seed oil
    ● Hemp extract oil
    ● Essential oil blend

How is the Pure Spectrum website:

In our usage experience, the website is very easy to shop at and provides fast navigation. The website performs well both for desktop devices and smartphones. Making a purchase is a simple task or completion. You get very detailed information for the products available on the website.

So are Pure Spectrum products worth the hype?

Totally!! We have become a big fan of the products from the brand and recommend them to you as well. They make use of hemp that is organically grown, free from THC and locally produced.

The customer service is great and as they offer a return policy, it shows their immense commitment towards user satisfaction.


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