Green Gorilla: Everything you need to know

“Green Gorilla: Everything you need to know” is locked Green Gorilla: Everything you need to know

So today we have decided to write about our experience about Green Gorilla. You can read on if you are searching for CBD products that come from reputable sources. Regardless if you are new to CBD products or having it for a long time this review can be of great help.

People that have had an experience of insomnia are well aware the frustrating situation it is. Its not a surprise that people from all over America have been finding difficult to have a peaceful sleep. And the numbers are on a rise. Individuals suffering from chronic insomnia are now choosing some natural alternatives like CBD that can help them with calm and better night sleep.

Overview of the brand:

The company Green Gorilla is based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by the CEO of the company and chair person Steven Saxton in the year 2013. He is a well known entrepreneur and has made his name in different industries. The brand truly believes that hemp can be used in numerous ways like food, medicine, textile, paper, building material and even fuel.
They have a commitment towards providing people all over the world with solutions based on cannabis and hemp. Presently the main focus of the company is highlighting health benefits of hemp. This is done through their CBD products that are of best quality. Green Gorilla also takes pride in offering only natural CBD products with organic certification; This makes it one of the best choice available in the market today.

Manufacturing Process and analysis of the products:

Some of the key points that you should know about the company are:

  • They have their own agricultural unit.
  • They only use Non-GMO hemp products.
  • The company uses process of Supercritical Carbon dioxide extraction.
  • They have third party testing done.

Farming practices:

Green Gorilla, uses CBD products that have come back from the Gorilla Farm Co. that is the main agricultural unit they have. Its situated in Colorado and have been given in the certification for organic farming. And this is the place where the Non-GMO hemp is grown for production. For the manufacture of CBD products, having a farm of their own is huge. This is because they have a huge impact on the quality of the end product that the company makes. The company has complete control over the hemp farming. One can say that there is 100 percent certainty that the hemp is organic. And there are no harmful chemical or pesticides being used.

Process of Extraction:

After the harvest is completed of the organic hemp, crops are taken for CO2 extraction. This procedure makes use of compressed and frozen carbon dioxide that extracts CBD from hemp plant. This allows the mid process for not damaging the compound in hemp and also preserves all of the properties.

Manufacturing Practices:

The best manufacturing practices and guideline are followed by Green Gorilla. This makes all of their CBD products of good quality and is GMP certified. Also, the brand uses organic USDA hemp. This also guarantees that the end products won’t have any harmful chemicals in them. All of the products also go through a third party testing. This ensures the quality and potency of the product.

Innovative product line:

Green Gorilla is unique in its own way as it is able to introduce an amazing and new line of CBD products. This keeps them way ahead then any competing companies. They have come up with new concoction of products that have hemp and olive both. As per the company claims they have been the first t o use extra virgin olive oil as the base for CBD products. They say olive oil promotes better absorption of CBD. Their special line for hemp and olive products only uses EVOO as their carrier oil. Olive oil is also rich in polyphenol that has numerous health benefits and works in sync with CBD for the optimum results.

The Product Line by Green Gorilla

There is wide range of products that the company has that you can choose from. With such a diverse product range, you will surely be able to find something that will be suitable for your requirements. Here are some of them that you can take a look at:

  • Pure CBD oil:

There is huge collection of the CBD oils that they have to offer, these are made with 99 percent pure CBD oil and olive oil. There is no amount of THC present in them. You can buy them in various concentrations of 1500 mg, 600 mg and 150 mg. There is a natural and lemon variant available.

  • Whole plant oil:

This is another product of their flagship line. Its made with whole plant CBD and the THC amount present in them is less than 0.03%. It is available in just one strength of 1200 mg and is the original flavor. You can but another version for your pet as well.

  • Topical products:

There is an entire range of Green Gorilla product that can be used as for skin applications. There is a botanical CBD balm that has 300 mg strength. The blend also contains cypress, eucalyptus and lavender. There is also a lip balm they have with 20mg of CBD.

Where can you buy Gorilla Green:?

One of the simplest ways for purchasing a Green Gorilla product is through their official website. It is user friendly and you can find the products that you are looking for with ease. For the orders above $ 50 the company has free shipping. Presently they ship to entire United States. They also have a tie up with the Palko services. This has made products by Green Gorilla available in stores and also online. This distribution company has made the products of Green Gorilla available in over two thousand stores across US.

What about Green Gorilla return policies?

The company only accepts returns and offers refund for products that haven’t been opened yet.
Although the shipping charges for returns needs to be done by the customer.

Final Verdict:

This company has been given so much love for being ecologically conscious. Applause for the brand to use organic olive oil as carrier in their products. This enhances the benefits of the CBD oil and also optimizes the bioavailability of the product as well. The products they have are effective and Green Gorilla products are in a reasonable range. This makes it affordable for everyone. They can certainly further enhance their product range. So if you are looking forward for gummies and pills, you might be disappointed.


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