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CBD oil for medical treatments-why every country needs to acknowledge the use of cannabidiol products

The legalization of marijuana and its related products is mainly based on two aspects which are the medical and recreational advantages. Medical use of cannabis is relatively being adopted in more countries than the latter.

Countries like Canada largest cannabis market in the world, the established legal medical CBD use in hospitals as far back as the 20th century. With the debate heating up across several other countries, we delve into why the legalization of medical use CBD oil should be done as soon as possible.


What is the meaning of CBD?

Well, not everyone is savvy in the world of cannabis. Some terms can be very new to other people.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is a compound that is found in the cannabis sativa plant. It makes up the more important medical advantage of all the other 113 known cannabinoids from the plant.


CBD oil

The oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. The oil contains a variety of cannabinoids and other useful compounds such as omega fatty acids and vitamins.


There reigns confusion on the types of CBD oils that do exist and which ones are legal or otherwise. The best answer on legalization is that it all depends on the local authorities regulations and laws.


The more heated argument is whether CBD oil products get one stoned or high. Well, this one is simple. CBD products will never get one stoned. The ingredient in the cannabis plant that makes one get stoned is THC.


In the USA, several states allow the cultivation of cannabis for CBD oil extraction. The key requirement is that the plants, whether Indica or Sativa should have very low THC levels. The threshold is set at 0.3%.


It is the THC compound that gives a head high once in the body.


The confusion between CBD oil and hemp oil

Cannabinoids are rapidly growing to be one of the most searched compounds on the web. However, the more people thrust their energy and time to knowing more about it the more confusion engulfs.


The world of CBD and cannabis at large is broad and can not be understood in a day. One of the terminology pairs that people find to be confusing is CBD and hemp oils. They both have a number of similarities.


The two oils hail from the same plant. Their main difference is that CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and buds while hemp oil is extracted by pressing hemp plant seeds.


Specific Sativa and Indica cannabis strains are used to produce CBD oils. This is because of the higher CBD potency. Hemp oil is mainly produced from the industrial hemp plant. This is due to the lowered psychoactive ingredients and commercial potency.


The used of CBD oil are mostly medicinal. In fact when talking about medical marijuana, never forget to mention about CBD or better CBD oil.


On the other hand, hemp oil has minimal medical advantage as compared to CBD oil. Well, it is marketed to have substantial medical value but the truth of the matter is that it is utterly negligible.


So what is hemp oil s main use? The oil forms a good part of cooking. It gives a nutty taste and can be used as an olive oil replacement. It is also known to possess a number of nutrients.


The medical value -CBD oil for solving common disorders

As aforementioned, the oil has a plethora of uses, and to be specific, of medical advantage. This is the main driving force behind the legalization or decriminalization of CBD oils in most countries. Simply put, the medical advantages of CBD oil cannot be overlooked.


Let us take time to look at some of the biggest treatments that are well solved using oil. This will, in turn, lead us to whether the debate on its legalization is valid or a hoax.


Emotional disorders

There are a good number of published on how cannabidiol helps solve emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. One of the most notable one being one by a team of UK and Brazilian researchers published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, December 2016 issue.

The report dubbed Bidirectional Effects of Cannabidiol on Contextual Fear Memory Extinction depicts how CBD helps in reducing the expression of contextual fear in mice exposed to fear conditioning.


From the report, it is clear that CBD is a key part in solving one of the biggest miseries of most people, depression.


Sleeping disorders

The current psychiatry journal once published a report, “Cannabidiol in Humans—The Quest for Therapeutic Targets” In the report, it is evident that cannabidiol helps in solving sleeping disorders like insomnia. Medium to high doses of the same are associated with increased alertness during the day and better sleeping time and sleep in total.


The body depends on circadian rhythms to push the body in undertaking certain activities throughout the day. One of the activities is to sleep. CBD is well known to help in balancing the circadian rhythms for optimal functionality of the human body’s physiology.


Antioxidant effects of the CBD oil

In 2008, the article “Cannabidiol in Medicine: A Review of its Therapeutic Potential in CNS Disorders,” revealed the importance of CBD in the body’s Central nervous system better known as the CNS.


The article authors claim that CBD aids the body in the removal of harmful substances that may be present. These is due to the neuroprotective properties that cannabidiols exhibit once inside the body.


Cannabidiol for animals

So far so good we are into the clinical advantage that cannabidiol has on human beings. But if you are wondering whether to administer CBD to your pet, the answer is a concrete yes.


The advantages of CBD in animals are more likened to those in human beings. The  most common and renowned ones include

  • Pain control
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antiemetic
  • Homeostasis optimization

Before you administer any dose to your dog, cat or any other pet, be sure to consult a pet specialist.


Should the medical use of CBD oil be legalized?

When making such a decision, research of a substantial level is key. Over time, many more research institutions and scholars are digging into the world of medical cannabidiol use. True to the hype, it is demystifying any doubts surrounding why it should not be legalized.

Countries or regions where legalization is done are showing tremendous reapings. It will be worthy benchmarking from these regions so as to establish a system that benefits the larger majority optimally.  

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