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Funky Farm reviews

The Funky Farms CBD provides amazing products that include hemp oil extract drop. And for people, that like something that tastes good are the edibles. Here we have the complete list of the products that they provide and make sure that you do try the Funky Farm edibles that are CBD infused and also their drops.

CBD Vape Pod ( 100 mg):

This is a simple, satisfying and efficient product. The Vape Pod’s provided by Funky Farms are phenomenal. The vaping pods are available in different flavors. These include Apple Jack Pear,Blueberry Gelato, and Peach Tangie. The good thing is that these offer the user ease of usage. Also one just has to inhale for activating the slight cooling sensation that is offered by the hemp extract of full spectrum. The pod is not going to last forever, therefore it is disposable. There is a light present that indicated that it’s activated and when it will be over. The product is free from Nicotine. It has been lab tested and the design is all in one. We would recommend the Funky Farm CBD Vape Pod for having an authentic experience.


Funky Farm Edible: Tropical fruit or Watermelon Gummies (50 mg)

These are sweet in taste and soft gelatin in texture. When we talk about the Funky Farm Gummies strength they have 10 mg of natural, concentrated and high in clarity CBD extracts present in one serving. The entire pack is 50 mg. When we compare it to the other products in the market there is a visible difference. They have carefully selected the ingredient list or the best health benefits of CBD. There is no melatonin in their edibles. Also, there is no presence of high fructose corn syrup. So you will find here just 2-gram sugar present in one serving. Another factor that we admired about the product is that there is a specific marijuana symbol in the packaging. This is needed in some of the states so that indicates that the product does contain CBD.

There are two flavor options available for this one. The tropical fruit gummies are sweet and citrusy in taste. Then the other variant of Watermelon gummies comes with a punch of sweet and a hint of watermelon flavor. CBD can help an individual with easing out anxiety and symptoms of depression. It is also helpful in giving relief from the physical pains and will be providing a feeling of relaxation and peace. So take a step back from the daily stress of life and uses these CBD edibles or effective benefits. These are affordable and we highly recommend this one for trying at least ones, you won’t be disappointed. This is also one of the easiest ways of incorporating CBD in your daily routine. And don’t stress as CBD never gives a feeling of being high.


Funky Farm Cartridge: Granddaddy Purple (300 mg CBD)

Apart from the great packaging and even better customer services, the extracts of Funky Farm are sure to impress you. With the use of Full Spectrum Extracts that also contain Terpenes, there will be a smooth hit is going to be sending you in the complete state of relaxation. Now let’s take our focus towards the Funky Farms cartridge called Granddaddy Purple. As soon as you use it you will have an instant sweet taste. In just about a minute there will be a warm feeling felt.

The best part about Funky Farms is the cartridge never clogs which is an issue that is faced a lot of other times. The concentrate is lighter and you will surely be able to have a taste of good quality hemp with it. The company makes use of iKrusher cartridges that come with a ceramic coil that is wickless. This goes perfectly in sync with the high-quality cartridge that has been infused with the best vape extracts. With the lab tested American industrial hemp and also the Full spectrum extract, the products by the company will not be disappointing you.




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CBD Oil Vape Additive 300 mg

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